New Orleans Saints: diskriminierende Cheerleader-Policy  

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According to the Saints’ handbook for cheerleaders, as well as internal emails and text messages reviewed by The New York Times and interviews with Davis, the Saints have an anti-fraternization policy that requires cheerleaders to avoid contact with players, in person or online, even though players are not penalized for pursuing such engagement with cheerleaders. The cheerleaders must block players from following them on social media and cannot post photos of themselves in Saints gear, denying them the chance to market themselves. The players are not required to do any of these things.

Cheerleaders are told not to dine in the same restaurant as players, or speak to them in any detail. If a Saints cheerleader enters a restaurant and a player is already there, she must leave. If a cheerleader is in a restaurant and a player arrives afterward, she must leave. There are nearly 2,000 players in the N.F.L., and many of them use pseudonyms on social media. Cheerleaders must find a way to block each one, while players have no limits on who can follow them.

Auszug aus NY Times Artikel von (kompletter Artikel unter:

Ein sehr interessanter Einblick in das "Regelwerk" für die Cheerleader der New Orleans Saints - ob es bei anderen Teams identische oder zumindest ähnliche "Regeln" gibt, kann der Artikel nicht bestätigen - es gäbe aber wohl einige Fälle bei anderen Teams (z.B. Buffalo Bills), bei denen die Cheerleader für zweifelhafte Auftritte/Handlungen verpflichtet sind:

The Buffalo Bills cheerleaders, before the squad disbanded in the face of a wage lawsuit, said they were told to do jumping jacks in tryouts to see if their flesh jiggled, and had to attend a golf tournament for sponsors where high rollers paid cash to watch bikini-clad cheerleaders do back flips. Their Facebook pages were monitored by team officials without their knowledge.


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